[FANMADE] Kryber Exclusive Interview Part 2 18+ [Amber X Krystal feat. Victoria]

2 12 2010

This is a fake subtitlle and the video was edited from Hello f(x)

I still don’t add eng sub yet. I’m wirking on it. The vid is kinda long and I’m lil busy right now so please wait a lil more


[FANMADE] Kryber Exclusive Interview Part 1 Fake subtitle 18+ [Amber X Krystal]

2 12 2010


This is a fake subtitlle and the video was edited from Hello f(x)
Let’s find out “What did Kryber do when they got caught doing THAT THING by the rest of the members?”
This clip is not appropriate to children under 18

[Fanmade] Bangkok Traffic Love Story Parody Kryber Version

14 09 2010

For the people that don’t know what is this about.
I used the audio from ‘Bangkok Traffic Love Story” Movie Trailer and edited f(x) vids to match the conversation in the trailer.
This is quite popular in Thailand. You can see the example below

TVXQ YunJae Couple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S94c3lk3TAo
TVXQ YooSu Couple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yrTDAE2PdA
SNSD YoonHyun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BydqIOfXWKA

[OPV] Kryber’s One Love

14 06 2010

Fanmade by khunnye

[FANCAM] 100318 f(x) Kryber at Suvannabhumi Airport

23 03 2010
Kryber fancam by me
MUST WATCH!! for Kryber fans
My friends and I went to the airport to see f(x) and decided to make some (what does it call in English? kinda sign with their names on it OK I’ll call it SIGN OK?. correct me if I’m wrong) sign which were Beo Keul and Kry ❤ Ber
Krystal saw the sign first and touched Amber to look at the sign and THEY HUGGED
Their faces are so so closed. Actually they should’ve kissed lol
Credit :: 9♥bijoux couple*@fx-fanclub || kryberholic.wordpress.com

[OPV]Amazing Love [Amtal]

27 02 2010


[OPV][1st KryBer’s Special Project] Happy Together

13 02 2010