[PICS] Random Moments

11 06 2010

From Dream Comcert on 100522

Amber is such a helping husband keke

Krystal was staring at Amber (really, it’s NU ABO position)

HAHA Soojung was like…I can’t turn to Amber so I’m peeking like this

but sadly the photographer couldn’t take Amber T^T

From some event in some university, I’m not sure

Please look at Amber’s finger LOL

I’m not a pervert, don’t call me that!! keke

HAHA love this pic. Their face expressions are priceless keke

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[PICS] Kryber at Sukira Kiss The Radio

11 06 2010

f(x) went to ‘Kiss The Radio’ a while ago not really sure about the date but maybe 100523, I guess

couldn’t help looking at Leeteuk’s chest LOL

Whoaaaa Amber looks so so HOT!!! with the smoky eyes keke

Krystal looks so pure and innocent

Credit: Kiss The Radio

100530 Kryber in China (Airport)

11 06 2010

The girls look really tired, seems like they had many schedule in both Korea and China.

HAHA feels really good looking at them walking together keke

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Thank you so much Chinese fans for taking their pics ^^

[Pics] f(x) OK Magazine Thailand BTS

25 03 2010

The first time with f(x), talented girl group from Korea, in Pattaya International Music Festival. OK! will bring you to know the girls. There will be an exclusive interview in OK! Magazine Issue 116 in April 2nd 2010

Couple clothes???

I was like Amber is staring at Krystal’s smexy legs lol

Source :: OK Magazine Thailand
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Thx :: Reborn

Kryber in China

11 03 2010

I wanna kill the stylist. Why on earth (s)he has to wear them like this?

K-SWISS Photoshoot

11 03 2010

Amber is super duper COOL, like a gangster

Grabing hand!!!!!

Just passing microphone, you don’t have to grab your wife’s hand like this lol

Look at Sulli’s face, ‘Does anyone see that my parents grabbing hands? lol’


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100304 Krystal ‘Maybee Radio Show’ (Look at her left ring finger)

11 03 2010

Do you guys see anything??? At Jung’s left ring finger…there’s a ring.

I noticed that about a few pics.

I noticed it clearly at the latest radio show so I re watched the show and saw THIS!!!

Left ring finger, Ehhhhh!!!!!!!

Whose engagement ring?

To be continued…where did Jung get it?