[CAPS/GIF] 100606 Kryber’s Dream Comes True at Let’s Go Dreamteam 4

11 06 2010

This is a must watch

haha actually maybe you’ve seen this because I forgot to update here LOL

Amber and Luna dancing to NU ABO to cheer for Krystal

Krystal eyes on Amber keke

Here’s the cap

Like ssending love msg LOL

Haha This is really really funny. It looks like they finished their dance but Lunawas still having fun so Amber followed her haha

Soojung was like…”get away from me” LOL

The funniest cheer I’ve ever seen…

And this!!! they hugged!!1 even though there are 3 of them but I still happy about this

Luna went hugging Krystal first and then Amber

I’m sure that if Luna didn’t go first, Amber never hugged Krystal on air

I love LUNA keke ❤

Krystal’s head was on Amber’s  shoulder. They looked so shy, don’t you think?

And their facial expression was like…OMG I’m the luckiest person in the world LOL

Amber intended to go first but she stopped. I guess because Luna was still standing there not even moving

but as Luna moved, Amber went toward Krystal right away.

Look at them LOL so hilarious

HAHA I love this moment keke

3P not only Kryber but still feeling food lol

Credit gifs&caps: khunnye


[CAPS/GIF] 100606 Kryber’s Dream Comes True at Let’s Go Dreamteam 3

11 06 2010

The first thing you think when you first saw this gif is…

Seohyun is cute, isn’t it? LOL

But Reborn saw this!!

Looking closer

Amber is massaging Krystal’s hand ^^

wow such a cute servant LOL

Here’s the caption

Some night think ‘How would I know if she’s really Krystal’

So I captured this…

You see? it’s really KRYSTAL keke

Credit gif&caps: khunnye

[CAPS/GIFS] 100606 Kryber’s Dream Comes True at Let’s Go Dreamteam 2

11 06 2010

This is from AmberWA fancam so thank you so much for shooting this ^^

It seems like there’s nothing wrong with Amber but I noticed her stares. Her stares is kinda weird so I rechecked and saw this!

Here’s the CAPS

sorry about Thai haha. kinda lazy translating = =

So…Amber noticed Krystal walking nearby her (If you watch fancams you’ll see that Amber and Krystal did’t even look like they’re from the same group LOL). But look closely at Amber’s stares. It looks really really crazy about the woman that she was looking at.

Even if there was a man coming and talking to her but she couldn’t take her eyes of off Krystal keke

Credit caps&gifs: khunnye

[CAP/GIF] 100526 Dreamteam Recording

30 05 2010

Actually I don’t think there’s any Dreamteam moment since Amber and Krystal don’t have any interaction

between them BUT!!! I saw this…

Here’s the captions ^^

I’m so so sure that the one that Amber ‘s staring at is NOT Nicole

Credit fancam: Sulbinrang || AmberWA

Credit gif&cap: khunye || fx-fanclub, kryberholic

[CAPS] 100130 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate 2

11 03 2010

Krystal’s hand…

by Reborn

Re-uploaded by khunnye@kryberholic

K-SWISS Photoshoot

11 03 2010

Amber is super duper COOL, like a gangster

Grabing hand!!!!!

Just passing microphone, you don’t have to grab your wife’s hand like this lol

Look at Sulli’s face, ‘Does anyone see that my parents grabbing hands? lol’


By Reborn @ fx-fanclub, kryberholic

Re-uploaded by khunnye@kryberholic

100223 Kryber at 22nd Korea PD Awards

11 03 2010

Look at Soojung’s expression when she looks at Amber

Too sweet to be just sisters.

When they finishes perf…

walk down the stage together

And last, gifs

by Reborn

Re-upload & trans by khunnye