KryberPalace Opening

26 02 2011

We moved to

26 02 2011

Hello, guys

sorry for not update this blog for an ages. It’s because wordpress is so hard for us to use and no Kryber moments since Amber went back to L.A

Now, Amber came back to Korea and Kryber moments will come back too so we decided to doing this again but we moved from here to

Right now we’re trying to repost Kryber old moments to gather all of them in one blog and there are no new moments, as you know lol

You might wonder why we changed the name. Cos kryberholic.tumblr was used by someone we don’t even know = =

so we decided to change it to kryberpalace, i hope it’s not too cheesy lol since we all know that Krystal is a Princess and Amber is her servant haha

OK, let’s move to