[CAPS/GIF] 100606 Kryber’s Dream Comes True at Let’s Go Dreamteam 4

11 06 2010

This is a must watch

haha actually maybe you’ve seen this because I forgot to update here LOL

Amber and Luna dancing to NU ABO to cheer for Krystal

Krystal eyes on Amber keke

Here’s the cap

Like ssending love msg LOL

Haha This is really really funny. It looks like they finished their dance but Lunawas still having fun so Amber followed her haha

Soojung was like…”get away from me” LOL

The funniest cheer I’ve ever seen…

And this!!! they hugged!!1 even though there are 3 of them but I still happy about this

Luna went hugging Krystal first and then Amber

I’m sure that if Luna didn’t go first, Amber never hugged Krystal on air

I love LUNA keke ❤

Krystal’s head was on Amber’s  shoulder. They looked so shy, don’t you think?

And their facial expression was like…OMG I’m the luckiest person in the world LOL

Amber intended to go first but she stopped. I guess because Luna was still standing there not even moving

but as Luna moved, Amber went toward Krystal right away.

Look at them LOL so hilarious

HAHA I love this moment keke

3P not only Kryber but still feeling food lol

Credit gifs&caps: khunnye




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