[Pics] f(x) OK Magazine Thailand BTS

25 03 2010

The first time with f(x), talented girl group from Korea, in Pattaya International Music Festival. OK! will bring you to know the girls. There will be an exclusive interview in OK! Magazine Issue 116 in April 2nd 2010

Couple clothes???

I was like Amber is staring at Krystal’s smexy legs lol

Source :: OK Magazine Thailand
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[FANCAM] 100318 f(x) Kryber at Suvannabhumi Airport

23 03 2010
Kryber fancam by me
MUST WATCH!! for Kryber fans
My friends and I went to the airport to see f(x) and decided to make some (what does it call in English? kinda sign with their names on it OK I’ll call it SIGN OK?. correct me if I’m wrong) sign which were Beo Keul and Kry ❤ Ber
Krystal saw the sign first and touched Amber to look at the sign and THEY HUGGED
Their faces are so so closed. Actually they should’ve kissed lol
Credit :: 9♥bijoux couple*@fx-fanclub || kryberholic.wordpress.com

Kryber in China

11 03 2010

I wanna kill the stylist. Why on earth (s)he has to wear them like this?

[CAPS] 100130 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate 2

11 03 2010

Krystal’s hand…

by Reborn

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K-SWISS Photoshoot

11 03 2010

Amber is super duper COOL, like a gangster

Grabing hand!!!!!

Just passing microphone, you don’t have to grab your wife’s hand like this lol

Look at Sulli’s face, ‘Does anyone see that my parents grabbing hands? lol’


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100223 Kryber at 22nd Korea PD Awards

11 03 2010

Look at Soojung’s expression when she looks at Amber

Too sweet to be just sisters.

When they finishes perf…

walk down the stage together

And last, gifs

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100305 Kryber at KFN TV National Armed Forces

11 03 2010

Actually this perf has nothing that interesting but it seems like Amber keep whispering Krystal

Let’s start with after Chu~ ends, Amber goes toward Jung and says something *idk* and then we will see Soojung pull her black skirt and shorts down

(Jung smiles a lil bit like ‘Gotcha!!, you peeked at my smexy legs!’ LOL)

Ummm…don’t know what they are talking about but seems like Amber is a bit serious.

Just wait for an HQ fancam to see what face expression is Amber doing. lol

When Amber finishes talking, Jung then starts to grab her belt and skirt again.

LA cHa Ta starts but instead of setting her position in front of Jung,…

Amber walks around Krys and stops to say something then set her position…and Krys looks down at her skirt AGAIN.

Highfive!! lol nothing just my feeling that Amber’s finger just too close to Krys’ head – -”

‘Like…give me the money!!!’ lol or

‘Hey, don’t wear this kind of costumes, you’re MINE!!!’

When the perf finishes I think they’ll walk down the stage together but not sure ‘cos the fancam ends before.

Do you guys notice anything? Jung turns to Amber and pull the skirt again lol

Well, what I wonder is that Amber always walks around Krys to remind her to dress herself neatly, maybe haha

because when Amber talks to her, she always pull the skirt down. haha

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